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Water Coolers for Schools

Water In SchoolsHow does drinking water improve learning?

Mental performance is improved by frequent intakes of small amounts of water. When we are thirsty (the first conscious sign of dehydration) mental performance deteriorates by 10%.

Water Smart are highly experienced in providing high quality, low cost drinking water through our easily installed ‘mains fed’ water fountains and dispensers, that provide an unlimited amount of cool clean fresh filtered water for pupils and staff to enjoy, and can be conveniently positioned around the school.If you are looking to get water coolers installed in your school, simply get in touch with us and we can gladly attend to your needs.

Water Smart and The Healthy Schools Programme

Water Fountains For SchoolsA number of years ago, children in school, did not have sufficient access to drinking water. When the Healthy Schools Programme was introduced, Water Smart spent a great deal of time liaising with Healthy School Advisors to improve the access to drinking water in schools. Water Smart has, over recent years, provided many schools with water coolers and fountains and now the pupils are drinking water regularly throughout the school day improving concentration levels and reducing headaches and fatigue towards the end of the day.

We are proud to say that our water fountains and water coolers have really made a difference in the educational world, helping students of all ages to stay dehydrated at all times and perform better in their academic pursuits.

Water Smart saved a Manchester Junior School over £700 a year by converting their Bottled Water Cooler, in the staff room, to a Mains-fed Cooler. This enabled them to then provide another Mains-fed Cooler to be used by their pupils and still SAVE MONEY.By getting our mains fed water fountains and water coolers installed in your school, you can not only make sure that your students remain hydrated at all times, but you can also save a lot of money in the process.

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