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Water Fountains

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Water Smart Drinking Water Fountain

Drinking Water Fountain for Your School

Water Smart provide a wide range of Indoor and Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains that can be placed around your school to ensure that pupils always have access to fresh palatable Drinking Water throughout the school day. We offer a range of Stainless Units and Heavy Duty Moulded Plastic Water Fountains. Water fountains are available with the option of a Swan Neck, ideal for filling Bottles or Bubbler, enabling instant access to drinking water. There is also the option of both Bottle filler and Bubbler Although we would only recommend the Bubbler option on Drinking Water Fountains placed in outside areas.

Also Ideal for Warehouses, Factories, Hotels, Spa and Leisure Centres Facilities

Because we offer a very wide range of Water Fountains, there is always the perfect solution for your Business. From Factories to Leisure Centres, there is a Water Fountain perfect for your taste. Available with the option of Bottle Filler and/or Bubbler you can provide a refreshing drink of water for all your clients and employees.

High Capacity Water Fountain

Our Indoor Water Fountain gives a high output of fresh drinking water with the option of a water filter fitted and they can also connect to your electrical supply to give you Chilled, fabulous tasting Drinking Water to keep your clients and employees refreshed at all times. With a capacity of up to 32 litres of water, you will always have access to drinking water with our water fountain.

Water Smart Drinking Water Fountains Are Available to: Rent, Purchase or Rent to Buy, whatever suits your budget best. We Also provide a Service Only Agreement if you already own your own Water Fountain Water Smart offers a FREE Site Survey To Assess Your Individual Needs